8 juni 2017

It’s all about data – It’s all about people

FEDA is proud to announce their partnership in Smart Industry Forum.

Smart Industry Forum is a Northern European initiative. It is a network created to inform about and assist in the digital transformation and in other exciting innovations, also known as the 4th industrial revolution.

Some industries have already been hit by the digital transformation and the manufacturing industry is waiting in the queue and is getting closer.

For manufacturing companies, this introduces big risks but also big opportunities. Leaders that understand what is going on will make the difference. This is why Smart Industry Forum has the mission to inspire, inform and assist decision makers in the manufacturing industry during this upcoming migration-journey.

Are you as a leader capable of utilizing new technologies and adapting your business models, processes and organizations?

Please join FEDA at the Smart Industry Forum Summit, “It´s all about data – It´s all about people”, in Copenhagen 8.-9. June 2017, where more than 20 international speakers and experts will address the challenges and opportunities, show practical examples on how to get started and inspire and motivate in the disruptive process you will face within the near future. Agenda

FEDA is part of the Smart Industry Forum along with a number of other trendsetting technology companies and organizations Brochure for download

Registration Fees is 890 Euro per person. Including access to full agenda, evening event with dinner, all inclusive both days. REGISTER NOW and get your hotel room at Tivoli Hotel in Copenhagen included.

Ledenvergadering – Fort Altena

FEDA ledenevent: Business Intelligence / Decision making: onderbuikgevoel vs. feiten